Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flower Beauty Foundation Stick in SF5

As you guys know, I love the Flower Beauty line by Drew Barrymore.  I'm in love with affordable, cruelty free cosmetics, so I decided to pick up a foundation stick to try out.  I love my Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Warm Honey, and I wanted to find a cruelty free option.

The packaging has rose gold accents like many of the other flower beauty products.  It's fairly compact and fits in the palm of my hand.

This is all the product that they give you - roughly an inch of product.  I feel like that's not a lot, but with a drugstore pricetag I can't really complain.

I have to say, this foundation matches my skintone perfectly, even through the above swatch doesn't quite reflect that.  My face is a tad lighter and yellower than the rest of my body, and the stick seems to match well when blended out.

It has a moderate wear time, about 5 hours for me when wearing a primer underneath and setting it with a powder.  HOWEVER, this product broke me out terribly.  I don't usually have those kinds of reactions to foundations, so I was surprised that this gave me that kind of result.  Apparently those on MakeupAlley have experienced the same thing as well, so it's not just me!  It's important to keep in mind that everyone's skin may react differently to products, so this review isn't a guarantee that it'll work for you or not.

I can't give this product a quality rating because of the acne aspect - however, I cautiously recommend that you guys try it for yourself.  But - if you have sensitive skin, stay clear!

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