Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Sin and Casino: Review + Swatches

Hi!  Today's review is of the NARS blusher and bronzer duo in Sin/Casino.  It's one of my favorite products to use, and I hope this review will be helpful for you.

I was on the fence about NARS products for a while, because I've heard varying things about their cruelty free status.  Ultimately I learned that NARS itself is cruelty free (YAY!) but owned by L'oreal, just like Urban Decay.  This means that your products aren't tested on animals, but a portion of your money does go towards the notorious L'oreal.  Some have conflicting feelings on this kind of policy, but I'll leave the decision to support NARS or Urban Decay up to the individual, because it does venture into gray territory.

So without further ado. . .

The packaging is like your typical NARS blush, but it's a little bigger in comparison.  It has the general rubbery black NARS packaging that is great to touch, sturdy, and compact, but it retains the tendency to get dirty and powdery.

I love the mirror here.  Since it's a touch larger than a regular NARS blusher, the mirror is larger as well.  It's sturdy and it stays open on its own!  I love it when products stay open on their own, because it isn't very practical to have to hold your mirror steady when you're doing your makeup on the go.

The pans are equal size, but I know I'm definitely going to hit pan on Casino first.  I've found myself using Casino to warm up my face if I'm wearing a bb cream or foundation that is slightly too pale for me.

Can you see the subtle gold shimmer in Sin?  I have never used a product quite like it.  It's gorgeous and absolutely perfect on the skin, and I know it'll look great on a range of skintones - from fair skin, to the deepest skin, and everyone in between.  It doesn't look ashy on me - it gives me a healthy, warm glow.
Casino looks a little orangy, but it doesn't translate that way on the face.  I wouldn't use it for contouring, because it doesn't have a gray tone that mimics facial shadows, but it's great for warming up the complexion.  It has a bit of subtle shimmer but I didn't find that to show up on my face.

Overall, I give this product 9.5/10 stars!  The Sin/Laguna duo retails for $41 and can be found at Sephora, Nordstrom, and wherever NARS products are sold.  Are you interested?

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